Privacy Policy

The Leathic could be your manufacturer you can trust along with your best interests in your mind when shopping with potential privacy policies. These policies help us in making our customer’s experiences better. The guidelines for your better shopping are as followsThis Privacy Policy will be right for your secure purchasing binding us trust, respect, and dedication. Our FAQs are here for your guidance concerning our privacy as well as the best methods we utilize to create your protection a priority.

What’s the objective of our information assortment?
We utilize just your advice that is assisting us to facilitate your shopping in our online store. We accumulate the globally recognized information; your demographics, name, email address, a destination to deliver your orders, postal address, and phone number to complete your purchase signing in/up to our newsletter. If you wish not to, we don’t deny your access to our store anonymously without signing in/up but we still have to use the required information to complete your order.

What would we do with the information that you give to us?

We just utilize the compulsory information that we will need to ship the item that will be also shared with the courier company like your address and phone number. However, we use your feedback to enhance and improve our online platform and it supports us to build a better quality of our products, services, and customer service. We don’t sell, exchange, transfer, or give your information and feedback to third parties. However, without your consent, we may provide necessary information to the courier department to ship you the product you have purchased; these include your mailing address and your phone numbers.

What are our protective measures for your data/info?

Your data protection is in our genes, and we do it by following the best security measures humanly and technically possible. During your visit to our website or submitting your personal information during logging in or signing up, we make it secure by encrypting the data using a secure server to ensure your transaction protection.

We don’t use any of your sensitive information i.e. credit card number or PayPal account information. We have placed the payment gateway on our website that automatically encrypts the information through SSL (Secure Server Layer) that you add and is directly connected to the gateway companies. By default, they bind through laws and mutual understandings to secure your information by accessing the details you have given to complete the transactions.

We don’t store your personally identifiable information like your social security numbers, credit card PINs, your PayPal account password, so and so. However, when your transaction is completed, we may save certain information, i.e., email, mailing address, and preferences, to help you retrieve your ordering history and your purchase details via our specific authorized systems.

Do we use cookies to help you enjoy your shopping?
Yes, we use cookies to provide you the best services we can give you. You may know about Cookies; they are small files saved on your web browser (with your permission if you have enabled them in your default browser), allowing us to identify you when you come back to our website.

We try to provide you the best services by recalling your previous browser behavior. and the necessary information that you need to enjoy shopping here due to these tiny files. It means that these cookies help us realize your last visit, which allows you to continue your shopping like in-cart items and future preferred shopping.

Do we sell any information to third parties?

No, we don’t sell your information like email address, mailing address, credit card numbers, or other personal information. Although, we may exchange your anonymous usage experience with our trusted third parties for marketing and advertisement that you can opt-out anytime.

Do we comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act?

Yes, we ensure and comply with COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) because we don’t collect data or trade with kids, underage, or in legal terms less than 13 years on our servers. We provide our website, services, and products to individuals who are 13 years old or above.

Does this policy apply everywhere on this website?

Yes, this policy’s application is due on all the information we collect from you online on our server and website. However, our offline information collection doesn’t lie under this policy.

How do we receive your consent?

Your visit to our store’s website online gives us your consent because you intentionally agree with our privacy policies and your information collection that does not count your sensitive information that is mentioned above.

How can you reach us for more information?

You can contact us through our Email, Whatsapp /Live Chat/Call Support, or you can directly message on our Facebook pages. Suppose you encounter any issue during your use of this website or any losses, liabilities, damages, and expenses. In that case, you can connect and contact our customer care anytime through the above-mentioned methods.

What else should I know?

If you want to benefit from shopping with us, we encourage you to read all our policies with great care and caution. The Leathic makes your shopping easy by accepting the most loved and admired PayPal and credit cards for helping you enjoy online secure transaction service. You can also check our easy and fast return/exchange/refund policy.