About Us

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What we really do?

Leathic now has the best range of Leather Jackets for Men. Grab the genuine men’s and women’s leather jacket in black and brown color with hood now up for sale. A lot of people might associate men’s leather jackets with bikers or rockstars. However, a leather jacket can be worn with anything and everything that does not make you look like those two categories. It is simply timeless for any casual occasion like an outing with friends or a brunch with your spouse. Lucky for you, LEATHIC has a whole bunch of leather jackets for men and women in stores for you to try on, to channel the inner biker and rockstar, or just casual wear, in you.

Our Vision

We aim to deliver and facilitate all people around the globe. Customers, visitors, and suppliers with high-class fashionable Clothes, Jewelry, Watches, Smart phones, Toys, accessories and relevant products, according to the new trend in the market and modernized fashion. The customers with all type of budget can purchase and enjoy all the new fashion being introduced time to time.

History of the Company

Zaibis.com formed in 2003, we started as an online shop for unstitches Women fabrics, where we offered high quality fabrics at possible lowest price as compare to the market.
In 2019, our dream became reality as we expanded into online shop for everything. We decided to include more products in our online market place to provide more comfort to our clients by availability of everything at one place. With these extra products we can enrich and enhance user experience.

Cooperate with Us!

Get bigger and better at Leathic.com. While emerging a one roof shop for our customers we also aim to cater to them 24/7 no matter what! Enjoy placing your order anytime. Just choose your product wisely and place the order. Even if you are in bed and remembered about a product from your wish list, we are here to take care of your order.  As we believe in outstanding services that please the consumer and make them a regular customer, we aim to provide more and more facilities to make them feel relaxed while we do the rest. Explore our online shopping store and feel the relaxing experience of modern e-shopping at Leathic.com.

What can we do for you ?

Leathic is available 24/7 for its customers to provide all the information required for any product or any other related information

Leathic.com never compromise on quality of the products, because customer’s satisfaction is our priority and quality leads to the customer satisfaction.

Most orders will be delivered within the 24 to 36 hours of Next Business Day when the product ordered is in stock

We provide basic support to all of our customers to assist with online shopping via our online shop. We also collect and verify default reports and requests for product improvements

Satisfied Customers leads to high profits, and high quality products leads to customer satisfaction, Leathic cares for quality and gains the 100% satisfied customers and profits.